How to create a new outlook profile

If you have the following error

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Step 1 : Open the control panel

First quit your Outlook App

Then open the control panel of windows from the windows start menu (1)

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1 : From the start menu, then go to the file explorer drop down (1)

2 : Then go to control panel (2)

Other option : You can you also right click on the windows logo menu and then click "control panel"

Step 2 : Open Mail (Microsoft Outlook)

From the control panel window , click on Mail Microsoft Outlook


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Step 3 : Click on Show Profiles

Create a new outlook profile from the button Show Profiles


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Step 4 : Click on "Add"

Add a new profile by clicking on "Add"


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Step 5 : all will be filled automaticly

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Step 6 : select default profile

To use the new profile you just create , select always use this profile and select the good profile

It's done , you can open your outlook again.

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Step 7 : Disable Outlook cache mode

If the email account is configured outside of your Cloudbizz session, you must disable your mailbox cache.

-Select ‘Email Accounts’ 

-Double clic on your email address

-uncheck ‘Use Cached Exchange Mode’ and clic 'Next'.